C Bryant

Watering Hole.

Piercefield Manor, Chepstow, Wales.

The Grande Curve

The Second Crossing, Wales.

Old bench

8 eyed 8 legged freak!

Our spider, Vlad Tepes III.

Self portrait!

I took this in one of those water features, a silver ball about 30cm in diameter with water that flows from the top and all over the surface creating this effect.

Crumbling wall.

Lead me to the light.

The tree that weeps.

Under the Severn Bridge.


What I like! Nature taking back the Earth. Loads of texture.

I'm very tired

Gnarled Tree on rock, Tintern.

Sudbrook pumping station 2

Sudbrook pumping station 1

The 19c pumping station now with modern equipment dominates the Sudbrook skyline together with the paper mill. The station pumps water from the rail tunnel nearby. I don't know if I like this or version 2.

Chepstow Folly 2

Another pic of the folly taken a few days later when the light was better.

The old market, Hay on Wye.

Sudbrook Paper Mill.

Cadair Idris.

Cadair Idris in Sonowdonia, Wales. Those two little dots in the middle are my climbing buddies.

Iron Works near Tintern.

Sugar Loaf.

Y Sgwryd Fawr.


Tree and Sugar Loaf.

The Cot, Tintern.



Over to the West Brecon Beacons.

The view fromTable Mountain.

In the distance Y Fal.

The Barren Plateaux.


Pen Allt Mawr.

Cairn and beyond, Sugar Loaf.

View over Table Mountain.

Pen Carrig Calch.

A Gate in the Brecon Beacons.

Sunrise on Table Mountain.

Gorse and Sugar Loaf.

The Plateaux of Pen Carrig Calch.

Tree and Sugar Loaf, Brecon Beacons.

Table Mountain.

East Brecon Beacons.

Hill farm, Brecon Beacons.

Setting up Sonia's iPhone.

Another Manor House.

Hay on Wye Castle.

Look at my wares, Hay on Wye.

Castle courtyard, Hay on Wye.

Clock Tower, Hay on Wye

Spooky wood, Chepstow

Looking into Wales


The old house Chepstow

Manor near Chesptow

Chepstow Bridge with a dash of colour


In Hay on Wye.

Chepstow Castle

Folly Overlooking Chepstow

Folly in Tutshill

Chepstow Bridge

Path in Chepstow


House in Tutshill

The answer is blowing in the wind?

No good light, it seems to be raining all the time, depressed, and this is called 'Summer'! A respite, an unintentional walk, an opportunity, a fleeting chance.